Friend Notifications still a missing Feature on PS4

A few PlayStation 3 features have yet to make the transition to Sony's PS4 since it's arrival in 2013. one major feature yet to be seen is friend notifications, which notified you when a player on your friend's list signed in and out. After nearly two years since the system's launch, players are still pondering why such a simple yet useful feature hasn't been implemented as of yet.

Players will find at times Sony can come across as fairly backwards when it comes to online support and features, especially when you take into consideration that a useful feature such as friend notification has been removed. The strange part is that they have a notification that appears when a friend joins a party, not yours, but any party, and the question on most people's minds are why Sony thought it would be a good idea to give party notification priority over friend notifications

Back in 2014, Sony revealed a new trailer for the PlayStation 4's social features, which seemed to hint that friend notifications would be finally making their return. The short video you can check out below, sees a notification appear around the 10-second mark as someone plays Destiny.

Sony's Director of Product Planning and Software Innovation Scott McCarthy has a reason why we haven't seen friend notification on the PS4 yet. When speaking about the upcoming PS4 2.50 update features, McCarthy replied to a PSN user who asked about the feature.

ps4 friend notification

It seems Sony are simply taking their sweet time on friend notifications for PS4 as they want to revamp the the feature and not just 'copy and paste' it over from the PlayStation 3. As a result, this procedure will take time to implement and McCarthy has told everyone to 'stay tuned' in regards to the feature.

The most important question which has yet to be answered is how long though? Players have already been waiting for over a year and taking time to implement a basic feature is questionable. Gamers have regularly asked Sony to change this in the year since the console launched.



  1. But how can it take them almost 2 years to design such simple features???? I love PS4 and my Vita, and I've always supported Playstation ever since back in the early PS2 days, but i just don't get why Sony are so retarded sometimes, they can't even figure out how to implement basic features and services!!! Like why we still can't change our PSN name when it's something, Xbox let's you do...

  2. I would love Sony to add this. I Believe both the Xbox and Ps3 did this. When I am playing a certain games and my friends log on to play another game, the console won't alert me of that. Kind of sucks. Hope this comes back. There is notifications for everything else but this.

  3. Agreed. Hopefully this gets added in the future. I wouldn't mind a system where you could designate certain friends as favorites and only get notifications about their activity as far as signing in, signing out, or starting a game.

  4. That is hilarious, the PS4 is so far more advanced then the PS3, yet they forgot to add Friend notifications.

  5. IIRC the friend notification is already one of the top requested features for the ps4

  6. I completely agree with you, why Sony would not add this feature is beyond my comprehension, actually, why wasn't it there day one on 15th November 2013?

  7. With the amount of feedback about this feature, I would not be suprised if this will be added within the near future updates. I am also suprised why this feature was not added at the start. But I assume that they are trying to juggle between implementing features they want to add (like Shareplay) and features that the people want (like USB music and themes).

  8. I've owned a PS4 for about a week now and one of the thing's that confuse me the most is why it doesn't notify me when a friend logs in? That was included on last gen, and is currently included on the Xbox One side of the console competition. Is there a hidden setting for it or an upcoming patch for this?

  9. It’s baffling how they could spend the lifetime of the PS3 developing their online network and functionality – and then promptly forget a large chunk of it as soon as they jump to the PS4.

  10. Friend notifications haven't been added to the 2.0 update. This is greatly needed! I hate having to press the home button and check to see which friend is on at least have an option to turn it off and on.




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