Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Announced for Wii U

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

It's been over 10 years since Mario Tennis has appeared on a home console but Nintendo's E3 2015 Direct revealed the latest iteration in the Mario Tennis series, which was announced for the Wii U, titled Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

The footage we saw bought some brand new unconventional game-play elements to the playing field such as having your character turn into a giant to dominate the tennis court. The original Mario Tennis launched on the Nintendo 64 back in 2000, before being re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2010. Expect very similar game-play from the iterations of the Mario Tennis series that we've been accustomed to on Gamecube and 3DS.

 It was a very short trailer that showcased the likes of Mario and his arch nemesis Bowser battling it out on the court at the start playing a mixture of shots. The inclusion of all these unique types of shots and the power-up ability unquestionably looks like it's going to lead to some tactical game-play as you have your opposition moving all about the court.

Doubles matches also make a welcome return to the series in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash hopefully allowing for some local and online multiplayer action on the court and in the trailer we also witnessed Mario and Bowser take on Princess Peach and Toad. Naturally expect to see a lot more characters from the Mushroom Kingdom making their appearance in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash upon the game's release.

The trailer was quite short  but you can check it out below.


  1. This looks like a fun game, but I think that Camelot could've been working on something more significant like an open world Golden Sun for Wii U.

  2. Toad hasn't been playable in a Mario Tennis game since N64!

  3. HomicideZero17/06/2015, 07:11

    Mario Tennis has always been hardcore, and I'm sure this one won't disappoint.

  4. Ayooooo So many hours lost during game nights thanks to Mario Power Tennis.

  5. Maklopdsreturned17/06/2015, 07:25

    This game better have online multiplayer, or else I'm going to get pissed...

  6. Looks decent, but I need more footage until I can say anything more. Although I do have to say that I would rather want a new Mario Strikers.

  7. I'm glad they're making a new Mario Tennis, I enjoyed Mario Power Tennis on the Gamecube.

  8. Why is it so weird to see a Mario sports game in HD

  9. I actually like the look of this. My all time favourite Mario sports game is the N64 Mario Tennis, and this it the first console one since then that looks like it might be as good.

  10. Rick Marshall15/02/2016, 13:08

    Mario Tennis is one of the most favorite video game; especially made for kids and it reminds me my childhood days where I used to play Mario Tennis with full excitement. Mario Tennis consists of every single rule and regulation as original tennis game consists; I am sure today's generation will love to play and enjoy this game.
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