The Animal Crossing series finally gets Skin tone options in Happy Home Designer

animal crossing dark skin tone

The lack of proper skin tone options has always been a major issue in the Animal Crossing series. we felt this was a serious problem and the lack of diversty in the franchise was limiting some of it's players who wanted to become a darker hue.

Thankfully it appears as though Nintendo has been listening, as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is set to switch things up later this year based on this screenshot from it's new trailer. In the series history, the only way you were able to change your skin tone was by tanning your avatar but that just wasn't satisfactory.

 You shouldn't have to leave your game open on the island for six hours just to alter your complexion, not to forget that tanning effects vanish after a while, which means you have to do it all over again, rinse and repeat.

 For anyone wondering if this is just a version of tanning again, Alison Rapp from Nintendo's Treehouse division confirmed on Twitter in a reply to someone that this is in fact a skin tone option. The relevant tweets above officially confirm this. Hopefully this means Nintendo will take skin tone options more seriously and we'll see this carried over to the next full Animal Crossing game.

Nintendo appears to be coming around on the problem with the inclusion of the option in the recent release of Splatoon on Wii U and Pokemon X & Y.


  1. Still can't believe Animal crossing never had this option before

  2. About time, also hope this feature is included in a real Animal crossing game.

  3. Super excited to see this option make it!!

  4. They made the right decision, now i hope they continue to put character customization in the Pokemon series with darker skin too.




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