10 sexualized animals in video games

sexualized animals in video games

It's not odd to feel some sort of crush for an attractive video game character. Obviously, they're only pixelaxed and not real - but that doesn't excuse the fact their character design is deliberate eye candy. When these characters start turning into talking anthropomorhic animals, however, suddenly the tone begins to feel ... strange.

There's something weird about lusting over a sexy, anthropomorphic animal - with huge breasts and massive cartoon eyes, no less - particularly when you end up on tumblr, down the weird side of the lubricated (and furry) slope. What's also funny is sexualized animals are more ordinary than you'd think, and these two-footed pixelated beauties just touch the surface.

Rouge the Bat (Sonic the Hedgehog)

sexualized animals in video games

Adorable talking animals are ordinary in Sonic the Hedgehog video games. There's Tails, the cute double-tailed fox, Knuckles the echidna and of course the angelic, Sonic-obsessed Amy Rose. Then there's Rouge. She's the outcome of a Sega meeting in which a person in the room must've suggested, "Hey, you know what could get people to purchase more Sonic games? A sexy bat, with busty breasts and pink lipstick."

Candy Kong (Donkey Kong Country)

sexualized animals in video games

Candy's the perfect instance of a character with an R-rated outfit whose made it into E-rated game-but if there's one character a Nintendo game urgently required, it was a sexed up female primate that helped the player save their game. Oh, and just in case Candy Kong's name ever slips from your head, it's promptly displayed on her cropped two-piece top.

Lopunny (Pokemon)

sexualized animals in video games

Internet artists have been sexing up cute Pokemon for as long we can remember and Lopunny is at the top of the list in terms of Pokemon sexualiztion. This rabbit is able to kick with the best of them - (even you Gardevoir) - and it's curvy figure is a dead give away as to why. Those hips, the booty sticking out, bended posture, its lively mannerism, Game Freak definitely knew what they were doing when they created this Pokemon.

Tawna (Crash Bandicoot)

sexualized animals in video games

Tawna has Crash Bandicoot looking like a failed science project. Two of them are mutated Bandicoots conceived by the game's baddie  Dr. Neo Cortex, though their - ahem -sexual couldn't be any more different. Crash doesn't have a neck, his legs are short and arms are long. On the other hand Tawna has the body-build of a freaking model. I think it's evident whose body that pervy scientist dedicated most of his attention to.

Tiny Kong (Donkey Kong Barrel Blast)

tiny kong

When Rareware first introduced Tiny Kong back in Donkey Kong 64 as one of the five playable characters, she was a small and nimble little monkey. Surprisingly enough when Rare and Nintendo's partnership ended and Nintendo took over, the little monkey we all knew had grown up and was given a drastic makeover, quickly maturing in looks.

Krystal (Star Fox Adventures)

star fox krystal

Despite holding the unshakeable reputation for being a video game kiddie company, Nintendo have ironically introduced several humanoid female animals with extraordinary curvy 'assets'. Enter Krystal Fox, the well-developed vixen is the newest recruit to Fox Mccloud's team and also serves as his main love interest. This curvaceous mammal has long legs, skimpy clothing and huge melons.

Berri (Conker's Bad Fur Day)

conker's bad fur day berri

Don't let the cartoony graphics fool you, Rareware games weren't exactly for children and this is evident with their characters, especially the female critters. Take Berri, who was originally a little brown chipmunk with brunette hair in her debut game Conker's Pocket Tales, but would later go through a drastic design change in Conker's Bad Fur Day, having an older, more adult looking body.

Princess Ruto (The Legend of Zelda: OOT)

princess ruto zelda

The first time we laid our eyes on Princess Ruto upon meeting her in Zora' Domain, we couldn't see her as anything but naked, which was pretty weird at the time, especially in a game considered for children. This humanoid fish has no shame in seemingly showing of her assets to The Hero of Time and Hyrule Kingdom.

Carmelita Fox (Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus)

carmelita fox sly cooper

When we think of Camelita Fox, the first word which comes to mind is 'charming'. However no matter how bewitching and sensational the female fox is, she still has busty assets which can hardly go unnoticed. Since debuting in Sly Cooper and the Thievieus Raccoonus, Ms Fox hooters have definitely not been hard to miss.

Latisha (Toejam and Earl:Mission to Earth)

Latisha Toejam and Earl

While technically an alien, we couldn't help but notice that this female alien wore tight clothing to expose her tiny ass and sleek figure throughout the entire game. The curvaceous female alien who made her debut in Toel and earl jam III: Mission to Earth, has her ass and boobs on display out as she walks alongside fellow space travellers Toejam and Earth.


  1. I always thought that Tawna Bandicoot was sexy as heck but I remember playing Crash Bandicoot 2 and wondering where she had disappeared to.

  2. Lopunny and Gardevoir are pretty attractive looking.

  3. zMaverickHunter02/09/2015, 20:43

    It would be cool if Nintendo bought back Krystal Fox as Fox Mccloud's main love interest. She wasn't bad and I don't get why fans were complaining about her.

  4. I know I'm the minority here but if there's going to be a new Toejam and Earl game then I would to see Latisha return as a playable character, I personally don't get the hate for her.

  5. Don't get me wrong Coco bandicoot is cool and all but I hate how Naughty Dog got rid of Tawna Bandicoot from the original Crash Bandicoot game.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I too always thought that princess Ruto wasn't wearing any clothes, maybe it was the Nintendo 64's graphical limitations at the time.

  8. As a kid majority of these female video game characters really did a number on me. Like I was confused as to why these animals had breasts and long legs.




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