10 Different Ways Donkey Kong has been Defeated

Donkey Kong vs Mario

Donkey Kong is strong but he isn't Superman, the gorilla's almighty Achilles heel has been always been Nintendo's flagship character Mario – but there are many other ways which DK has seen defeat, which doesn't include barrels and Italian plumbers. This includes his encounter with the original antagonist of the Donkey Kong Country series, King K. Rool, a reptile who wasn't afraid to bring it to DK and the Kong Family.

The powers and abilities of Donkey Kong are well known – brute strength, an unlimited supply of barrels, speed, jumping prowess and tight grip. Being blessed with such abilities would make the character a beast amongst men, so it is necessary for Nintendo to implant weakness and exposure into the character, otherwise Nintendo's golden boy wouldn't stand a chance.

The powerhouse has been defeated on numerous of occasions by other Nintendo characters – one game Punch Out!! Wii has you get into the ring with the big ape and square off with him, while the Mario Vs. Donkey Kong series has you hurl barrels at him. With this in mind, we list ten different ways Donkey Kong has been defeated.


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