10 of the Most Rhythmic Dancers in Video Games

dancers in video games

You don't have to look far to find rhythm and sensational dance moves, whether on your television screen, in a movie, music video or on the internet and video games are no exception. Many games have introduced dances mainly revolving around hip hop culture and the African Brazilian martial arts of  capoeira, this in turn introduced a number of rhythmic dancers whose moves were not only flashy but extremely memorable.

 Since the early 90s we've seen quite a few characters that can bust a move, especially from popular fighting games including the Tekken, Street Fighter and Fatal Fury series respectively, but this genre wasn't the only one to give us characters who were great dancers.

Other companies like SEGA capitalized on the dance craze and introduced the Barbie doll look-a-like Ulala who's dance moves were out of this world literally, the Space channel 5 news reporter was probably a black girl in a white girl's body. Even their mascot Sonic the Hedgehog loves to breakdance as evident in Sonic Generations. Violent psychopathic video games like Grand Theft Auto allowed you to dance in nightclubs, a mini game available in GTA San Andreas, a fun one at that.

Now without further ado we list 10 of the most rhythmic dancers in video game history, 10 of these characters can really bust a move, no pun intended. We decided to award 10 characters who we felt were great dancers in the gaming world and deserved recognition and praise. As mentioned above this list includes characters from the Tekken, Street Fighter, Grand Theft Auto series and much more, Check them out.


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