Fallout 4: 16 Survival Tips for the Commonwealth

fallout 4 tips

Fallout 4 has finally been released and in vintage Bethesda fashion, is an overpoweringly wholesome, abyssal open-world sandbox with an deep amount of stuff to get tucked into, discover and seek out. Although it's similar to its predecessors in numerous ways, Fo4 is larger, funnier and more colourful, with tons of new things to learn about and look out for when you’re roaming the wasteland of the Commonwealth, Things that will eventually solidify into a adhesive, soundly gratifying travel through a cursedly genuine-feeling world, but will at first take a good while to truly get a hold on, whether you've played Fallout previously or not.

 There's plentifulness of tips articles out there to aide you through those challenging early parts whilst maximizing your progress, but like any RPG, at times it's easy to get involved in that min-max grind up to becoming the invincible Supreme Being of the Commonwealth. It’s an entertaining way to play Fallout 4, but it isn't the only way to conquer the wasteland.

There's other ways to make the world feel a little more realistic, a little less hurried and a little abysmal. There's so much to go through in a game like Fallout 4 and there’s little reason to rush through it all at once. By now some of you have experienced a taste of the wasteland, found allies, taken some meds and walked around in Power Armor. It feels amazing right? It’s now the correct time to fight back against all the things the Commonwealth throws your way.

As luck would have it we can set you up right here and now with some solid survival tips to help you overcome the wasteland and reign supreme. Our HQ team have been shooting, plundering and exploring the commonwealth and all it's glory for several days, getting acquainted with the new features and enjoying the best perks. So here are 16 basic survival tips for surviving in the 23rd century.


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