Top 10 African Video game Characters

African video game characters

Today we look at ten of our favourite fictional characters from Motherland Africa who have made their appearance in video games, whether it be mainstream or indie titles. These characters were born in Africa, hence the reason why black characters born outside of the African continent such as African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Brazilians and so forth won't be featured despite being of African descent.

"we look at ten of our favourite fictional characters from Motherland Africa who have made their appearance in video games"

If you were to take a look back at video game's history you would never realize that Africa is the world's second largest continent. There's a massive hole in the video game industry when looking for games which are themed around African mythology, characters and art. Which have us shaking our heads as Africa has so much depth with it's rich history, citizens, spoken language, traditions, myths, architecture and so forth.

When you look back at gaming history there hasn't been a lot of characters from Africa either, normally black characters are depicted as either American or Brazilian, which isn't necessary a bad thing, but despite this fact we have managed to scope down and find at least ten characters who were born in Africa and have managed to leave a lasting impression on us.

10. Zazie Muhaba
(Fighter's History Dynamite 1994)

african video game characters

The Neo-Geo fighting game Fighter's History Dynamite, also called Karnov's Revenge, which was released in 1994 was one of the first and only fighting games to include an African martial arts practitioner. This character didn't box, dance or play sports which is indeed a rare instance for a fighting game.

Zazie's love of nature is unparalleled and this is further empathized in his back story and ending. Zazie created the African Nature Protection Society to defend animals from poachers in Kenya, his birthplace. He entered the fighting tournament to raise funding for his organization. Zazie's ending unveiled that he identifies greatly with pacifism.

9. Zasalamel
(Soul Calibur Series 2005-2009)

black video game characters

Zasalmel made his debut in the Soul series of fighting games since Soul Calibur 3, returning for two other sequels before ultimately being cut from the most recent instalment with no explanation as to why. In the game it's actually never revealed where he was born but as written in his profile, he comes from an old civilisation that was originally chosen as protectors of Soul Calibur, the sacred weapon.

Many people believe this ancient nation was in Africa due to Zasalamel's physical appearance and facial features, hence the reason he made this list. He has no allegiances to anyone but himself and it's believed that his actions may be seen as immoral. It's worth mentioning that Zasalamel has been the only black character in the series to date, outside of guest character Spawn.

8. Crying Wolf
(Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 2008)

metal gear solid crying wolf

There's been quite a few African characters in the Metal Gear Solid series to date but one of our favourite female characters in the series, who also happens to be African is none other than Crying wolf. Crying Wolf was the sniper and sentry of the Beauty and the Beast Unit, a group of female soldiers who were affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The intense psychic trauma she endured in her early life sent the poor girl over the edge. Crying Wolf's psychopathy manifested itself in her perpetually crying, weeping loudly even in the heat of battle.

7. Cyrax
(Mortal Kombat Series 1995-Present)

cyrax human

Despite his cyborg appearance, Cyrax was originally an African man from Botswana who was turned into a cyborg. Making his Debut in Mortal Kombat 3 it wasn't until Mortal Kombat Gold that players got to see the face behind the cybernetic armour, an alternate costume which revealed Cyrax's human identity.

In Mortal Kombat Alliance his alternate outfit shows him to be just about human with several cybernetic parts, while his alt costume in Mortal Kombat 9 goes the extra mile and gives Cyrax a complete human body.

6. The Mbele Squad
(Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 2015)

african child soldiers

Metal Gear Solid TPP's African child soldiers where just some of the things that never left our minds when we think of Kojima's final MGS game. The Mbele Squad were a crew of kid soldiers that Venom Snake met in 1984. Shabani was originally the leader of the Child Solider unit until his untimely dead in the same year. The other children note that Shabani was the one who looked out for them and took care of their needs.

5. Elena 
(Street Fighter Series 1997-Present)

elena street fighter 5

Elena first appeared in Street Fighter III as the first black female character. She is a princess of an African state in Kenya who have a cultural custom of fighting. Typically Elena doesn't look like your average Kenyan person due to her straight white hair and bright blue eyes, but we always welcome her addition to the Street Fighter roster with each new iteration in the series.

4. Sheva Alomar
(Resident Evil 5 2009)

sheva alomar

Since her conception in 2009 Sheva Alomar and the game which she came from has been a controversial issue and for all the right reasons too, but overall despite the controversy surrounding Capcom's RE5 we can't deny that Sheva has become one of our favourite female characters in video game history.  Her character design and voice really left a lasting on us and we'd love to see more of her.

Sheva was a new and refreshing character for the series, a BSSAA operative of South Africa who acted as a guide for the tired Chris Redfield, who was possessed over the occurrence of his partner Jill Valentine.Without characters like herself and even Josh Stone, you really can't say that the developers are even trying anything new with their characters or series.

(Assassin's Creed III: Liberation 2012)

Enslaved from a early age,  Agaté met a man who taught him the ways of the Assassins. After his mentor's death in 1758, Agaté journeyed to Loisiana, a wanted man, and hid in the bayou. Agate later on founded the local Assassin guild, enlisting  Aveline de Grandpré (the main character) and another man whom he trained to be his agents in New Orleans.

When you are first introduced to Agaté at the beginning of the game you can probably already see that he's a no nonsense character whose character development is without a doubt very strong, Ubisoft certainly did their homework. Agaté moves like a true African warrior and was the very person to teach Aveline her deadly and swift assassin moves.

2. Black Panther 
(Marvel Video game Series 2006-Present)

black panther marvel

While originally a comic book character, the African superhero has gradually made his transition to video games, appearing in several Marvel video games including Marvel: Ultimate Alliance where he is a playable character. Whilst he has appeared in Marvel games, the character has never had a video game to call his own. Since Black Panther has a movie coming out in 2018, we wouldn't mind seeing a Black Panther video game as long as it's made by a reputable game developer.

1. Enzo Kori-Odan
(Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan 2016)

Seldom do you see playable African warriors in video games let alone games based around African Mythology but that's all changed with the release of Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan. An action RPG developed by African developers developer kiro'o Games. Enzo Kori-Odan, the prince of Zama is a refreshing change to the accustomed protagonists which game developers usually come up with.

Enzo is unlike the other generic looking heroes which have become the norm in mainstream gaming, which is what we especially love about the character. Enzo is betrayed by his relative-in-law on the day of his marriage with Erine Evou. The royal couple are then banished from their kingdom and decide to travel the world in search of assistance.

Unlike all the other characters featured on this list Enzo was created by an African game developer and you can really see the difference in comparison to character design and overall presentation. Finally we can say there's a video game hero for Africa.

(So there you have it, here's ten of our favorite African video game characters, did your favourite chracter make the cut or did we miss them? Let us know.)


  1. I've been following Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan since it's developmental years in 2014 and recently played the demo and I must say that the main characters are very likeable so I'm pleased to see that Enzo snagged first place. Btw it's out now so I hope people go out and support it because we need more games like this.

    1. Yeah it's on Steam, damn sure took long to come out tho but I'm glad to see it finally came out, looking for a PS4 version.

    2. I don't think we'll see a Playstation 4 or Xbox one release any time soon lol.

    3. Didn't know that Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan was even a thing until today, but I'm definitely picking it up. Atmosphere looks incredible.

    4. I'm sure Indiestation will add this to their catalogue eventually, if they don't then it's their loss really.

    5. The game is quite beautiful, The game does a good job with telling a story. And gameplay mechs are a much welcome of Action RPG element. I've played about 20-30 minutes of the game and it is very impressive. I love the hand drawn characters and the vibrant colors.

    6. Aurion: Legacy of the Kori Odan is great, I'm having a blast.

  2. Cyrax's alternate human costume is dope! They need to bring that back for Mortal kombat x or the next game!

  3. The funny thing is that Sheva Alomar and Elena were both made by Capcom yet they give Elena non-black features although she's from Kenya. Elena's cool and all but it's like they didn't even try.

    1. True that, the other 'funny thing' is that both characters have the same English voice actor, Karen Dyer.

  4. Still baffled as to why Namco Bandai got rid of Zasalamel in Soul Calibur V, that's crazy.

    1. The only black character in Soul Calibur gets cut, figures.

    2. That's exactly what I was thinking tbh, when or if Soul Calibur VI sees the light of day then I want them to make Zasalamel return or at least add a new black character.

    3. That really sucks, I don't what Namco Bandai was thinking.

    4. I don't it's Namco Bandai games per say, I think it's more to do with the Soul developers Project Soul, because when you compare Tekken to Soul Calibur you can see the difference in the roster. In the Soul series there's only been one black character but in Tekken series there's several.

    5. I noticed that so far Tekken 7 doesn't have a single black character, that's crazy. IMO this would be the perfect time to introduce a new African character

    6. Right! An African character in Tekken would make sense since it's suppose to be a world martial arts tournament. Tekken 7 would definitely be the right opportunity to add this character to the cast.

    7. Yup Harada better come up with something because at this point the Tekken 7 doesn't look good, it's missing every single black character that appeared in previous games like Eddy Gordo, Bruce Irvin, Marduk, Raven etc.

  5. I'd pipe Sheva23/04/2016, 23:11

    Sheva Alomar is so fucking hot, I'd fuck.

  6. Crying Wolf was my favorite Beauty and the Beast unit girl in Metal Gear Solid 4, glad to see she got some love.

  7. A black Panther video game would be off the chain. Spiderman, Xmen, Thor and Deadpool have their own video game series so I don't see why Black Panther can't join the party. Besides that movie was long overdue.

    1. I would LOVE to have a Black Panther video game. It would be the perfect opportunity to create new Panther fans before the movie hits. And since video games exist in their own continuity, we could have Tchalla still be king of Wakanda, but have his KotD upgrades like his tech gloves, shields, and invisibility! With a power-set like Tchalla's, the possible gameplay mechanics could be amazing.

    2. I'd buy a Black Panther marvel video game in a heartbeat. The only thing I'd be worried about is who the developers are. They'd have to be on top of their game so we don't get another Afro Samurai 2.

  8. Damn didn't expect to see Zazie Muhaba or Fighter's history Dynamite, that's old school. Props for adding him, it's a shame that there ain't more black martial artists like Zazie in fighting games.

  9. They could at least given Elena kinky hair or something, even as a DLC costume in Ultra Street Fighter 4 because she really doesn't look African to me. Capcom just ain't trying hard enough, they don't care.

  10. I always wondered how many African characters there were in video games, thanks for posting. There's also Nadine from Uncharted 4 who comes from South Africa but what's funny is her voice actor won't be played by a black voice actress. I'm not feeling that decision at all.

  11. I just realized there's never been an African character in Tekken.

  12. I was so gutted when Sheva didn't appear in Resident Evil 6.

  13. Great article and video! I'd love to see Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan make it's way to PS4. I also feel that Elena and Sheva Alomar don't get much love in their respective games.

  14. Metal Gear Solid has a lot of African characters but I swear almost all of them end up getting killed off

  15. Lol nice! I haven't seen any other articles, blogs or other video game websites highlighting African characters in gaming, I kind of wondered how many there were tbh :)

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  19. Gotta go indie comics or manga for the propa, black hair Africans... search for art by "Mshindo Kuumba", real shit ... ECBACC (East coast black age comics convention), ONYXcon, Africoz ...




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