10 Notorious Mob Bosses in Video Games

mafia bosses in video games

Crime syndicates bring together like-minded criminals who take part in prohibited activities to make money. The most notorious of these gangs are normally ran by highly influential men and women, who maintain control and dominance over the members involved through methods such as hostility, extortion, etc.

These mafia bosses think large and won't settle for anything less than complete power and control!

These mafia bosses think large and won't settle for anything less than complete power and control! Their persona ranges from charming, to private, out of control, vicious and even honourable. We know these crime bosses have done the unthinkable and are pretty much immoral, but we can't help but love seeing these mobsters in action!

So read on as we list the most notorious mob bosses in video games, to make this list more varied we have hand-picked characters from not only titles like Grand Theft Auto or Mafia but also other games. These infamous gangsters were chosen based on a mix of their influence, criminal activities and dominance.

10. Mr Big (The King of Fighters)

Mr. Big has been caught up and involved in organized crime as far back as he can remember. Once the leader of Southtown, it was sooner or later taken over by Geese Howard's organization. Nevertheless Geese enlisted the former kingpin, and he rapidly shot through the ranks and became Geese's right-hand man.

Self-assured and driven, Mr. Big will use any means he deems essential to get what he wants. The crime leader enjoys feeling in complete control and loves the glorification that comes with it. Mr Big dislikes being bossed around by others and seems to enjoy being surrounded by beautiful women.

9. Don Corneo (Final Fantasy VII)

final fantasy vii

Don Corneo is a notorious crime leader in the slums of Midgar, using henchmen to do his evil bidding for him, having ill fame for being both frightful and honourable, he's known for always getting his own way. The don is also a perverted man who loves the company of pretty females to use as he will,

8. Aria T'Loak (Mass Effect 2)

mass effect

In Mass Effect 2 Aria is very authoritative of her dominion on Omega, leading the space station with total control. Her organization is quite powerful and her followers are exceedingly allegiant. Almost anything that occurs on Omega never escapes her gaze, causing mercantile groups to think twice before upsetting her.

Just by studying someone, Aria can easily read a lot about them and usually knows when they are spinning a lie. She is bent on always getting the last word in a conversation, reining in her position and dominance as Omega's ruler.

7. Belger (Final Fight)

final fight

Before his death Belger was the original leader of the Mad Gear gang in the first Final Fight game. He is a remorseless crime boss who has raked up millions - if not billions - from his crime syndicate and control of Metro City.

Although he is able to walk on his feet, the explanation as to why he sits in a wheelchair is unknown, but it could more than likely be a tactic to trick his enemies and adversaries into believing that he is a decrepit and helpless old man.

6. Mr X (Streets of Rage)

streets of rage

Mr. X is the main adversary and last boss of the Streets of Rage series. He's the chief rival of Blaze Fielding. In all games, he is portrayed as an uncomprehensible crime lord. His criminal organization plans to bring order of crime to the city.

5. Giovanni (Pokemon)

In the original Pokemon games Giovanni featured in, he played two roles: one that was familiar to the citizens of Kanto, and another that was more undercover. He was first seen as the mob boss of the nefarious Team Rocket, the original criminal organization to grace
Pokémon games.

After he and his group of henchmen were foiled at Silph Co. by an 11 year old child, Giovanni vanished, leaving Team Rocket disordered and confused. As a Pokemon trainer, he specialized in Ground-type Pokémon, but his ultimate plan included gathering rare Pokémon of all types.

4. Carl Johnson (GTA San Andreas)

carl johnson

CJ is second in charge of Los Santos street gang the Grove Street Families, which is run by his older sibling Sweet Johnson. Sweet didn't have much personal capability without his younger brother around. When Carl Johnson returned to Los Santos they were able to work endlessly to triumphantly bring the Grove Street Families back to power after their reputation had fallen off.

3. Tommy Vercetti
(GTA Vice City)

gta vice city

At the start of Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Tommy Vercetii is a 35 year old newly released mass murderer and Forelli Family mobster. By the end of the game, he has cut ties with his old gang and founded his own empire in Vice City. Tommy Vercetti's story is very similar to the movie character Tony Montana, a crime boss from the movie Scarface.

2. D-Mob (Def Jam Vendetta)

d-mob def jam

In Def Jam: Vendetta. D-Mob is a Mafia boss and was running all the fight clubs in NYC. He controlled people with fear and was certain that no one would ever defeat him in a street fight. D-Mob also has his nose in almost everything else that involves money. Illegitimate endeavours is his comfort zone, and he does it better than anyone.

1. Salvatore Leone (GTA series)

grand theft auto

Salvatore Leone is the Mafia boss of the Leone family in the Grand Theft Auto series. Don Leone was born in Sicily, and took control of the organisation after a convulsive power-conflict in the mid eighties. Many characteristics of Salvatore's character and back story are based on The real life Italian-American mobster John "The Teflon Don" Gotti.


  1. Shout out to my man D-Mob! Seriously though I'd really want a new Def Jam fighting game. There hasn't been one since Def Jam Icon, smh.

    1. EA ruined the Def Jam series with Icon, I'm not sure they can recover from that or make a decent reboot, just look at NBA Live series franchise currently.

    2. I just hate to see one of my favorite fighting game franchises left behind in the dust, EA Sports dropped the ball.

    3. They might as well just remaster or remake Def Jam Fight for NY but revamp the roster and add a new storyline.

    4. As long as it doesn't play like Def Jam Icon, I'm down.

  2. I'll never forget the scene where Cloud had to cross dress and flirt with Don Corneo in Final Fantasy 7, I'm just thinking how crazy it's going to look in the ff7 remake.

  3. Giovanni definitely had one of the more realistic and best backstories of all 'crime bosses' in the Pokémon franchise.

  4. D-Mob was alright but I'd say that Snoop Dogg (Crow) was the better mob boss in the overall Def Jam series.

  5. Never thought I'd see Belger or Mr X's face again, I'd love a new Streets of Rage game.

    1. Yes SEGA! Do it!

    2. Even if Sega did make a new a Streets of rage, Mr X wouldn't return because he died in Streets of Rage 3.

    3. Yes I'm well aware that he was killed off in SOR3 but nevertheless I'd still love a new game in the series.

  6. Why doesn't characters like CJ, Tommy or Salvatore Leone appear in the newer grand theft auto games like GTA 4, GTA 5 etc? That's always puzzled me.

    1. Because the games are set in a different universe after GTA San Andreas.

  7. Mr Big would have been perfect in KOF XIV, I really hate how Snk Playmore disregarded it's more cooler 90s characters.

    1. Yeah the Kofxiv roster is a joke, all my favorite characters are missing from action.

    2. Seth, Heavy D, Lucky Glauber and Duck King.

    3. I kind of noticed there aren't any black characters in Kofxiv, unless you count the two new members of the South American team, Bandanas and Nelson.

    4. So have I, which is why I'm not feeling the roster 100%. I guess Nelson counts though in a away but he's looking more ambiguously brown than anything.

    5. Nelson looks Afro-Latino but they could have made him look less ambiguous, jeez.

  8. Saints Row and Mafia are missing from the list but I definitely agree with it. If I had to pick a character from Saints Row it would be either Pierce Washington or Johnny Gat.

  9. Giovanni was pretty cool until he got beaten by an eleven year old boy and disappeared.

  10. Despite being ridiculously easy, Giovanni is classic. The mafia-style crime lord with an interest in making money no matter what the means. None of this "create a new world" or "change the geography of a region" outlandish nonsense.

  11. Aria T'Loak was such a bitch in Mass Effect 2, now I see why lol.




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