The Best Fade Haircuts in Video Games

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Previously we looked at the
best afro hairstyles in video games but now let's celebrate the finest looking fade hairstyles of the decade. These clean looking haircuts look the part and deserve to be admired for their freshness chic appeal. We have compiled a list of the best looking fades to come out of games. 

Barett Wallace (
Final Fantasy 7 Remake)

 Barett Wallace Final Fantasy 7 Remake

When game developers get it right a fade can make all the difference on a character. Let's start of with Barett Wallace's hi-top fade in Final Fantasy VII, no wait actually let's not. When the game was first released in 1997 it looked pretty impressive for it's time, but let's not kid ourselves, Final Fantasy VII has aged horribly.

Thankfully Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy Remake in 2015, recently unveiling Sector 7's avalanche members and the leader himself, and boy does Barett's fade look good in Unreal Engine 4. SE did a brilliant job of reinventing Barett Wallace in their remake.

Franklin Clinton (Grand Theft Auto)

GTA 5 Franklin

Rockstar games have always created the best looking hairstyles in video games, especially for it's African American protagonists. Need we remind you of the barber shop feature in
 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto 5? 

GTA's San Andreas original fade haircut wasn't anything to write home about and isn't even worth mentioning, but Rockstar did their homework and managed to step up their fade game in Grand Theft Auto's HD universe. Franklin Clinton and Luis Lopez have the best high fades in recent memory.

Lebron James (NBA 2K)

Lebron James Haircut

What video game developer besides Rockstar games has the black hair game down to a tee besides EA Sports? You probably already guessed it, 2K Games. Their NBA 2K series imitates the style and finesse of National Basketball association, all the way down to the players haircut.

Over the past couple years, Lebron James' receding hairline has been the talk of the town for basketball fans and pretty much everyone else, but 2K Sports really did his hairline justice in NBA 2K16 with the supreme skin fade.

2K16 has been Lebron's best look in the series so far. 2K Games are known for pushing the standard for detail in their games and this is proven with each new NBA 2K title released, Lebron never looked so damn good in glorious HD.

Mike Tyson (EA Sports UFC 2)

Mike Tyson

Unlike Final Fight Round 4, EA Sports managed to capture the fresh fade haircut of famous boxer Mike Tyson in their second UFC game. In EA Sports UFC 2 there's actually two versions of Mike Tyson, Iron Mike Tyson and Legacy Mike Tyson.

Iron Mike Tyson comes with the classic fade haircut which Tyson was well known for at the height of his boxing career, and they got it on the money. Unquestionably Mike's fade in UFC 2 is one of the most gorgeous looking undercuts in all of gaming, there's nothing to debate.

Big Boi (Def Jam Icon)

Def Jam Icon

As much as people love to hate on Def Jam Icon for it's sluggish gameplay and not living up to Def Jam FFNY, can we take our attention away from all that and talk about Big Boi's fade haircut? If there's one thing that EA Sports got right, it was the attention to detail on the rappers and Big Boi's fade was popping. 

Dante (DmC: Devil May Cry)

Devil May Cry Dante

Capcom got a ton of hate for reinventing Dante in the DmC reboot but you know what? The new design was on point. Despite what the naysayers want to throw at new Dante, Ninja Theory did a terrific job, now can we talk about the fade?

Compared to the traditional look of Devil May Cry's original demon hunter, the radical makeover breathed life into the series and Dante's new faded undercut probably drew in more babes than the anime inspired silver haired swordsman ever could hope to.

Sean Matsuda (Street Fighter)

Street Fighter 5 Sean Matsuda

Does Sean Matsuda ring a bell? 
Like the fade, hi top dreads was a very popular style in the black community during the 90s and Capcom did their research when deciding what hairstyle to give Sean in 1997's Street Fighter III: New Generation.

What Sets Sean apart from the series mainstays Ryu and Ken isn't just his skin complexion or novice moveset but also Sean's authentic 90s look. His kinky high fade is one of the main reasons he stands out and looks so freaking cool in action.

Citra (Far Cry 3)

Far Cry 3 Citra

How beautiful does the undercut fade hairstyle look on our girl Citra in Far Cry 3? The Pacific Islander in all probability wouldn't look as cute without the sides of her head shaved off and it's well fitting for a crazy and unstable 'warrior goddess' such as Citra.

John Cena (WWE 2K)

John Cena

Not only is WWE's John Cena unbeatable, but also his crew fade cut in the WWE 2K series. Like the NBA 2K franchise, 2K play close attention to detail and in the long run it pays off tremendously. Since 2004 the games has been showcasing the wrestler's fade hairstyle, but none of the previous WWE games compare to his 2K16 fade. 

Jax Briggs (Mortal Kombat 2011)

Mortal Kombat Jax Briggs

NetherRealm Studios love to switch up the look of it's fighters in each new Mortal Kombat game that comes out, this has been happening since the 90s. How is this relevant to the topic at hand? Well you see one of their characters had a skin fade at one point.

Who? Jax Briggs of course. In the ninth instalment of Mortal Kombat (2011) Jax was once again revamped along with the other combatants, only unlike previous games he wasn't a wearing a hat and nor was his hairline receding. The fade haircut was unquestionably one of Jax's more redeeming haircuts in the series.

Nelson (The King of Fighters XIV)

The King of Fighters 14 Nelson

The King of Fighters XIV's newest boxer Nelson looks set to make history for having one of the most outlandish fade hairstyles in gaming history. Boasting a roster of 50 playable fighters. KOF XIV's generic cookie cutter characters aren't much to get excited about, but then there's Nelson.

Not many people could pull off such a hairstyle in real life but damn does it look good on Nelson. This style emphasizes on his fiery spiky hair but is presented with a clean frame and almost perfect edges.

What's your favourite Fade Haircut in video games? 

What's has the best looking fade hairstyle and haircut in video games? Reader let us know who's your favourite out the bunch. Did we miss anybody in particular? Again comment below and tell us what's on your mind.


  1. Barett Wallace looks decent in the Final Fantasy VII remake, I'm very glad they never went with the FF7 Advent Children design.

    1. Barett had cornrows in ff7 advent children right?

    2. I figured, aren't seen the movie but it's about time they released ff7 remake.

  2. Like fuck Citra is so hot, I always chose the bad ending in Far Cry 3 just because of her.

  3. Mhmm Lebron James in NBA 2K16 tho

  4. Mike Tyson has the best fade haircut of all time.

    1. But Mike Tyson's fade haircut was authentic, can't compare the two.

    2. That's subjective, on this list I prefer Lebron James fade.

    3. Franklin Clinton's fade haircut better than all dem dudes featured here.

    4. Maybe if Franklin got rid of the yee-yee ass haircut that statement would be true.

  5. I'll admit the only team I'm interested in is the South American team for KOF XIV. Nelson looks legit.

    1. Same vibe I'm getting from The King of Fighters 14, only characters I currently like are Banderas and Nelson.

    2. I almost forget about Banderas, he looked cool too.

  6. Sean's hairstyle looks whack in Street Fighter v, but in Street Fighter 3 series it looked dope!

    1. I think Sean looked the best in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact.

    2. Sean was definitely better looking in sf3.

  7. Rockstar, 2K games and EA sports definitely got the afro hair game on lock.

  8. Damn, I forget that Jax had a fade haircut back in Mk9 because dude's hairline is all the jacked up in Mortal Kombat x.

    1. Lol Jax hairstyle wasn't bad in Mortal Kombat 3 but I agree that later mk games never did him any justice besides mortal kombat 2011.

    2. True but I feel for Mortal Kombat X they should have gone for his concept art, looked more fresh.

    3. Yeah I saw the mkx concept, Jax looked sexy but he didn't look like a father. Still I wish it was an alternate costume.

  9. Most of these fade haircuts look sexy. It's a pity that these type of hairstyles rarely exist in character creation games.

    1. Ikr? I really wish more character customization games like mmos allowed you to have black hairstyles.

    2. Right on lol, I can't see can't cater to players who want to play as a black character in mmorpg etc.

  10. The Final Fantasy vii remake looks really cool, Barett's going to be in my party throughout my entire playthrough.

  11. Hot. Hot. Hot. On another note I so badly want a new NBA Street and Def Jam game.

  12. Glad to see Nelson featured because he's the newest video game character to have a fade haircut.




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