Do Black Couples Exist in Video Games?

Black couples in Video games

Does black romance and love exist in video games? As a matter of fact, the more important question is do black couples even exist in games at all? The answer to those two questions are yes, but being able to find them is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Voguish as it may be to treat romance in video games like some extraordinary unexplored terrain, the truth of the matter is, romance, love and lovey dobby couples have been a fundamental backbone to video game stories for decades. Some pairings are soppy, some are woeful, while others take a while to blossom.

When most people think of video games, romance doesn't often spring to mind. Nevertheless, games can produce relationships just as omnipotent as any other art form can. Romances like Nathan Drake and Elena, Tifa and Cloud or Link and Zelda are prime examples that games and romance intertwine perfectly together.

Video game couples

Now you're probably wondering to yourself, where's the black versions to these smitten virtual couples we see in video games? Yeah they exist but not on the same level as say Tidus and Yuna's kinship. The problem is that in order for there to be proper black couples, there has to be more prominent black characters.

Let's face it, black video game characters are usually regulated to sidekicks or given minimal roles with hardly any back story, the reason? It's commonly acceptable that a part of the reason why this occurs is because there isn't enough black people making video games. That's a story for another time though, but the point stills stand.

Black video game characters

What do most popular black protagonists like Sheva, Sazh and Lee Everett have in common with each other beside their race and skin color? They're all single and were never given a potential partner to fall in love with on-screen. Characters of color are rarely seen with a love interest and when they are in a romantic pairing, it's usually going to be interracial .

Funnily despite this fact, there's still been appearances of black couples in games. Although quite rare, it has happened on several occasions. The most memorable instance of black romance in gaming was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 2004, the main character Carl Johnson had the chance to date several women, two of them were black.

The first girl was Denise Robinson, an alleged prostitute. She first encounters CJ during the mission Burning Desire, where Carl, on the command of Officer Tenpenny sets light to a set of buildings belonging to Vagos gang members. Denise, who is trapped inside one of the houses cries for help and is saved by CJ. They then begin to see each other.

Carl Johnson and Denise dating in Gta San Andreas

Denise isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and is the definition of a 'ride or die chick', this wasn't the first on-screen black pairing in gaming but the chemistry between the two felt so right, it had to be mentioned first. Even though Carl could date other women after Denise, she felt like his one true love in the game.

From dancing with Denise in nightclubs, taking her out to dinner or cruising around the neighbourhood and popping ballas, the two really felt like a match made in heaven. Rockstar did a phenomenal job with Denise and CJ in the beginning but it's really a shame she didn't play a more prominent role in his life, towards the end of the game.

It wouldn't be until nine years later that Grand Theft Auto series would see another black romance, only it wasn't the same. In Grand Theft Auto V there was Franklin Clinton, one of the three main protagonists in GTA 5. In the game he had an ex called Tanisha Johnson, a woman who he still harboured feelings for.

Franklin and Tanisha in GTA 5

Tanisha and Franklin's love story was a tragic one that could have been so much more then it was, had Rockstar invested more time into Franklin's story. Because of Franklin's mobster lifestyle and the loss of her brother, who was also gang banging, Franklin and Tanisha parted ways before the events of Grand Theft Auto V.

During the game Franklin keeps in contact with Tanisha by cell phone and email, attempting to get back with her, but she snubs him each time. Earlier on in the game she drops by his home to explain her need for a more stabilized relationship. Near the end of the story she visits Franklin's new apartment to tell him she's getting married to a doctor.

Franklin and Tanisha's dysfunctional relationship isn't the best example of a black couple as it's shrouded in negativity, but Rockstar could have really capitalized on Franklin's story by making them get back together by the end of the game, a missed opportunity that would have given Franklin more to chew on other than being a lonely single bachelor.

Prior to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, in the early 2000s Def Jam was also another game which had black courtship. The game's eye candy was a girl named angel who was the protagonist's ex girlfriend. Def Jam Vendetta gave you the choice of four protagonists to choose from, one of those was a black biker called Proof.

Def Jam Vendetta Angel aka Christina Milian

Proof's role is identical to the other three playable characters in story mode. D-Mob, the game's antagonist and Mafia boss kicked him out of town some time ago, consequently which meant he lost the respect of his peers and more importantly his lover Angel. With the protagonist out the picture, D-Mob and Angel hooked up.

Over the course of Vendetta, the protagonist and Angel patch things up and after he defeats D-Mob she gets back with him. Although Angel and D-Mob's relationship was founded on materialism and lust, they looked and moved like a Hollywood power couple. This was the first time a game had featured two black characters together as an item.

In 1997 Tekken featured it's first Capoeira fighter in the series, Eddy Gordo, but it would not be too long until a female counterpart was introduced to take his spot, which happened in Tekken 4. Now we know what you're thinking, Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro aren't a couple, they don't get down like that right?

Christie and Eddy in Tekken 6

Well you could've fooled us. Christie's grandfather was a legendary capoeira practitioner who taught Eddy the Brazilian martial art while they were in prison together. After his release, his master requests that he find and teach his granddaughter capoeira, which Eddy does in a span of two years.

Christie and Eddy are rarely seen apart and when they are together, Christie is usually very affectionate towards him. With them spending so much time together this would eventually cause a bond so close that fans have even begun to speculate that the two are secretly dating, an opinion that doesn't sound so crazy when you watch Christie's endings.

The Walking dead Clementine parents

Clementine's parents Ed and Diana in the Telltale Games' The Walking Dead is another representation of black love. Not much is known about them except that they were isolated from their daughter when the zombie outbreak took place. Diana worked as a doctor and sooner or later ended up getting married to her husband Ed.

Jax personal affairs has always been shrouded in mystery, that was until Mortal Kombat X. Many fans always believed there was something going on between Sonya Blade and Jax in the earlier Mortal Kombat games, but this was thrown out the window when Jax's daughter was introduced to the series in 2015.

The cybernectically-enhanced soldier is in fact happily married to Vera Briggs who he also impregnated. Vera is a good friend of Jax's old Special Forces partner Sonya and knows about her spouse's involvement in the protection of Earthrealm. Though not seen in the game, Vera is referenced during Jax and Sonya's conversation.

Mortal Kombat X Jax and Vera

It's never expanded on how they first met but Jax and Vera appear to have been together for a very long time when you take into account how old their daughter Jacqui is in Mortal Kombat X. Vera and Jax are one of the the more better examples of black matrimony in video games, although Vera's presence is more so in the Mortal Kombat X comic book.

Assassin Creed IV's Freedom Cry was the first game in the series to feature a playable black male Assassin. It followed Adéwalé, a former Trinidadian slave who became a pirate and would later join the Assassin order. During the story he would encounter Bastienne, a madam of the La Dame en Rose brothel and supporter of the Maroon rebellion.

Bastienne was able to convince the assassin to assist in the growing resistance and uprising against the the oppressive French governor of Port-au-Prince. Bastiennne and Adéwalé didn't always see eye to eye and this caused friction between them, but over the following years they eventually grew close to one another.

Assassin's Creed IV Freedom Cry

At one point after the French Governor's passing in 1737, Adéwalé and Bastiennne made passionate love, leading to the birth of their first and only child, Babatudede. Darkskin couples are normally quite a rarity in popular media but Freedom Cry managed to pull it off, giving us something magical to remember.

Black Panther and Storm's romance is one of the most popular black romances in recent memory. Their marriage only lasted for for six years, before their untimely divorce but in that time, they were the ultimate black superhero power couple in comics. This embrace also managed to make it's transition to video games on two occasions.

Although unfortunately absent from Marvel vs Capcom 3's playable cast, Black Panther appeared in Storm's ending. Storm's love and dedication to her warrior king was expressed with great emphasis and showed a rare instance in video games of strong black matrimony. In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, the two also share a special conversation.

Storm and Black Panther in Marvel vs Capcom 3

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is the most recent game to feature a powerful black couple. The game follows Enzo Kori-Odan, a prince of a fictional kingdom in Africa.
At the beginning of the game he was scheduled to marry his lifelong partner Ernie Evou and be crowned the new king, but his brother in law planned to kill and overthrow him.

This results in a charming journey, that showcases the story of a black couple who are fully committed to each other and will not give up even when faced with adversity and misfortune. As they travel around the six different continents in the game, they have to unleash Enzo’s war-ridden legacy in order to win back his rightful throne.

When done right, this is the result. There's never been an RPG about African mythology but when it happens and is created by black game developers this is the outcome, Ernie and Enzo's pairing is the quintessential,untouchable Black couple done right and the most successful representation of black love in games.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

So there we have it, these are all the black couples we could find in video games, there were about at least nine right? The representation of black couples has decreased in other mediums like television, movies and comics, but it still exists and hopefully will increase. Who are your favorite black couples in video games, did we miss anyone?


  1. I really hated when Marvel broke up Black Panther and Storm, that was definitely a super hero power couple in my book!

    1. Yeah man they were definitely wrong for that, there's not been any other black couples in marvel comics on that scale neither.

      Now that Black Panther is gaining more popularity, I bet they regret breaking them up now.

    2. Wait.. So who's Storm dating now?

    3. I think she got back with Wolverine in 2012-ish but as of now I'm not quite sure.

    4. marvel had to break them up because storm's license belongs to fox therefore they could never be together in the mcu anyways. marvel seems to have divorced the x-men and mutants and now has put their eggs in the inhuman basket.

  2. Omg! I really love Ernie and Enzo together, they are bae. Kiro'o Games did a superb job with Aurion, Legacy of the Kori-Odan.

    1. Yeah Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is such a beautiful game, I'm glad I bought it.

    2. I picked up the game when Steam was having a sale and boy was I surprised, while rough around the edges, Aurion is such an underrated gem.

  3. Damn I remember Angel in Def Jam Vendetta, I used to have a crush on her and Christina Milan. I swear she didn't appear in Def Jam Fight for NY, right?

    1. Yeah she did but only in the PSP version of Def jam ffny

    2. For real? I didn't even know that a Def Jam game existed on the PSP, is there any differences between it and the ps2 version?

    3. Yep there's several noticeable differences between the psp and playstation 2 version and Angel looks difference, she doesn't resemble Christina Milian anymore.

  4. This is.. BEAUTIFUL, wow. I'm also one of those people who always thought that Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro were intimate with each other behind closed doors in Tekken.

    1. I don't care what anyone says, I know for certain that Christie and Eddy are romantically involved or at least bed buddies.

    2. Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro are a secret couple imo, just watch her Tekken 4 ending.

    3. Christie and Eddy Gordo definitely fuck'n.

    4. Lmao, I hope they're both playable in Tekken 7

    5. I feel exactly the same way, Tekken wouldn't be the same without the capos.

  5. Still can't believe that Black Panther wasn't a playable character in Marvel vs Capcom 3, pretty stupid decision.

  6. This is so true, Rockstar really screwed over Franklin in GTA 5. I feel as if Tanisha and Franklin should have been together in the long run. Like even an optional side mission that gives you the chance to reunite them.

  7. Bastiennne and Adéwalé is my favorite black video game couple followed by Enzo and Ernie in Aurion, I became obsessed with Freedom Cry at one point. It's a pity Adéwalé was killed off.

    1. Huh? I could've sworn that Adewale doesn't die at the end of Freedom Cry, or am I tripping?

    2. Adéwalé dies in Assassin's Creed Rouge, not Assassin's Creed IV.

    3. Oh my bad gorgeous, I didn't know that because I haven't played Assassin's Creed Rogue.

  8. I've played all these games besides Aurion, I really need to cop that at some point cause' it looks good.

  9. Should've seen the smile on my face when it was revealed you could date Denise in GTA San Andreas.

  10. I ain't trying to start nothing but it always puzzled me how light Clementine was in the walking dead season 1, just look at her parents. I figured she would be a shade darker, but that's just me!

    1. No, you made a valid point. I do believe Clementine is slightly darker in Season 2.

  11. Great read! I never forgot Denise and Carl Johnson dates in GTA San Andreas, those were some of my best moments in sa. I felt GTA 5 dropped the ball in 2013, like Franklin should have had girlfriends to date.

  12. There was a black Assassin game? Only I really need to play Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry now.

  13. Carl Johnson was my baby in gta sa

  14. Storm and Black Panther?
    Straight white hair, blue eyed, thin lips, thin nose thief civilized by white man and full mask body covered green eyed Black Panther?

    Why not support ish like:
    --- Kiriku and the Sorceress? (animated movie of African baby vs a sorceress)
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    --- RECON-Digital (Domestic Disturbance) ... 3D animated shorts from Kenya about black masculinity of .... MONOGAMAL BLACK FATHER TRYING TO TAKE A SHIT ON SATURDAY WITH HIS FAMILY YELLING THROUGH THE DOOR

    support some real shit, you heard it all before

  15. .. can't forge the "PJ"s too, Eddie Murphy produced Claymation series from a minute ago, black masculinity of monogamal black couple landlords comedy

    why hate? just take the time to search the net for African and other black cartoons and ish, get a paypal account and show some support




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