Muhammad Ali's Legacy in Video Games

Muhammad Ali In Video games

The legendary professional boxer Muhammad Ali, who was frequently referred to as one of the greatest heavyweights in the history of boxing, has passed away. Over the course of his boxing career, Muhammad managed to defeat 56 opponents to cement his legacy.

Ali was a legend inside and outside of boxing, not only known for his witty and inspirational quotes like "Float like a butterfly, sting like like a bee", but also his urgency in fighting and standing behind noble causes, which in turn elevated him above the rest.

Ali was a rebellious and intellectual individual who transcended sport, and is without any doubt the most socially momentous athlete of all-time, ask anybody who Muhammad Ali was, and they could tell you.

Muhammad is survived by his spouse Yolanda Williams and nine of their offspring, including Laila Ali, who also became a victorious boxing champion. Ali also made appearances in several boxing video games, some of which include him as the title character. 

Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing (1992)

Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing

Muhammad Ali got his first breakthrough in video games through 1992's Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing. A fighting game which was released on Sega Genesis/Megadrive and Nintendo Gameboy. Ali was the only licensed heavyweight boxer in the game and had to face off against nine generic heavyweights to nab the gold.

Greatest Heavyweights (1993)

Greatest Heavyweights

A year later in 1993 Ali would appear in Greatest Heavyweights, the sequel to Evander Holyfield's "Real Deal" Boxing on Sega Genesis/Megadrive. Unlike the original game, you now could select all of the legendary heightweight boxers which included yours truly, Muhammad Ali.

Foes of Ali (1995)

Foes of Ali

Ali would receive his second game in 1995 entitled "Foes of Ali". Unlike his previous game, this one was exclusive to 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console. The game featured Muhammad Ali and nine of his real life opponents, but one of his most notable opponents
George Foreman was absent.

Virtual Wrestling Pro 64 (1997)

Virtual Wrestling Pro 64

It wouldn't be until two years later in 1997 that Muhammad Ali would make his triumph return to the world of video games, a wrestling game at that. Ali would appear in Nintendo 64's Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 alongside Mike Tyson as a unlockable character in the game.

Knockout Kings Series (1998-2003)

Knockout Kings video game

EA's flagship boxing title prior to Fight Night was one of the major boxing games on the scene between 1998 to 2003. It featured numerous famed boxers which players could either face off against or choose to play as, Ali was one of those legends. He would also appear on the 2000 and 2002 front covers of the game.

Fight Night Series (2004-2011)

Final Night Muhammad Ali

EA returned with their most successful series of boxing games to date, Fight Night. Like Knockout Kings, the game featured a variety of upcoming and legendary boxers who the player could choose. Also like their previous flagship boxing title, Muhammad Ali was a playable character. He would feature on the Final Fight Round 4 cover along with Tyson.

Shaqdown 2 (2014)

Shaqdown 2 Muhammad Ali

As of 2016, the last game to feature the legendary boxer would be ShaqDown 2, an android game released in 2014. He was one of the guest star athletes you could unlock and play as. Naturally, Ali has special abilities like rocket-powered boxing mitts that shoot off his fists for a ranged attack.


  1. Rest in peace Muhammad Ali, to the one of the greatest to ever do it. Only game I played on this list is the Final Fight EA series.

  2. I would love to see Muhammad Ali as a guest character in the EA Sports UFC game, RIP you were legendary.

    1. I'd rather EA make a new Fight Night instead of adding more guest characters to Ea UFC Sports. Mike Tyson didn't really fit even though it was cool.

    2. True, but it's not like EA would do that, they haven't made a new Fight Night since 2011.

  3. The Fight Night series was his best appearance in games imo, R.I.P Muhammad Ali, you will be missed.

  4. Most of these games are way past my time, EA should make a new Fight Night with Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather Jr and all the other boxing greats.

  5. These are the video games that Muhammad Ali appeared in?

  6. The last game that Muhammad Ali featured in was Shaqdown 2?! DAMN.. No offense to Shaq but his games suck. EA definitely need to make a Fight Night or put him in EA UFC sports.

  7. Anyone else notice that Mike Tyson's video game legacy is larger than Ali? A ton of fighting games copied him yet there's not a single Muhammad Ali inspired fighter in Street Fighter, Tekken, Snk games, etc.

    1. Because of the different era, Muhammad Ali was around way before Mike Tyson. By the time fighting games like Street Fighter 2 were created, Capcom copied 90s pop culture and Mike Tyson was at the height of popularity in the nineties.

    2. I figured, still it didn't stop them from pushing out loads of Bruce Lee clones over Jackie Chan.

  8. RIP Muhammad Ali and great article for all the video game heads!

  9. Has Laila Ali ever appeared in a video game like her daddy?

  10. Anyone else notice that Mike Tyson's video game legacy is larger than Ali? A ton of fighting games copied him yet there's not a single Muhammad Ali inspired fighter in Street Fighter, Tekken, Snk games, etc.

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