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TheZonegamer Hall of Fame is a Hall of Fame for video game characters, it was officially created in 2013. Mario, Ryu (Street Fighter), Sonic the Hedgehog and several other popular gaming mascots have been inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013, after which, the Hall of Fame went on hiatus until December 2014, ushering a new era for the Blog.

The History

The Hall of Fame was created in 2013 with the induction of Nintendo superstar Mario. The Hall inducted 
additional members thereafter then went dormant until it was revived in 2014 to commemorate the blog's makeover. While Induction is contingent upon the candidate's measure of popularity, the process by which inductees are selected is not transparent' the criteria for induction has not been disclosed.

 In 2008 the Hall of Fame was originally a character profile page, showcasing memorable video game characters. With the transformation of the website, the page transitioned into the Hall of Fame. As of 2008, Mario, Ryu, Cloud, Lara Croft, Carl Johnson, Link and Sora are the only video game characters to be inducted into both the original character profile page and Hall of Fame. 

If you feel a particular character should be inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame then feel free to contact us or leave a comment below and we'll review the decision.


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