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Zonegamer is an independent online video game magazine based in London uk, formed through the love of video games and editing.

Why are we so different? Because Zonegamer is a unique blend of mixed experiences: driven by the very same passion, and this constant urge for quality and creativity.

The History

Zonegamer was launched in 2008 amid little fanfare and even littler audience. 2011 the YouTube channel was established, which gained 3,864,204 views and counting, the rest is history.

RPG Haven is created, which focuses on roleplaying games, fan art, characters and videos.
RPG Haven's community is gradually growing but one genre isn't enough.
After the RPG's Haven's miniature  successful, an idea for an video game site that caters to all genres is considered, and RPG Haven is left stagnant for greener pastures. 
Zonegamer is founded and formed on a static wetpaint website dedicated to bringing it's audience retro and modern video game news, videos, character profiles and more.
The official Zonegamer YouTube is created which focuses on retro games and top 10 lists. 
After moderate success and increasing  viewing audience, a new website is considered and the official Zonegamer Blog is launched.
YouTube reaches over 1 million YouTube views after the success of it's signature TOP 10 lists and latest video game scoops. 
The blog is revived after a long absence from the scene.
Youtube, reaches over 3,865,076 YouTube views and a growing audience is established . 


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